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Toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, floss, etc. are use so that our oral health will me maintained properly. In this blog we will be discussing about mouthwash. Mouthwash is used to freshen breath it doesn’t replace the oral hygiene of brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing every day.
There are many types of mouthwash is there one of them is fluoride that can help in protecting the teeth from plaque caused by the acids, mouthwash is more effective when you brush your teeth properly and floss too. The dentists may prescribe some specific mouthwash if you are recovering from gum problem or fungal infection.
Things to be kept in mind:
Dilute: Before buying the mouthwash of any brand we should check the concentration as different has different concentration. As some product may recommend diluting it with water. So, it’s better to go through the description because if the level does not tell you to dilute and if you dilute the solution then  germ killing ingredients will get dil…


How to Choose Right Toothpaste
There are many toothpastes in the market of different ingredients, flavor etc. and the people get confused and most of them do not know what the ingredients are they should look for and the ingredients which is to be avoided.
Fluoride is the essential ingredient it strengthens and nourishes the tooth enamel and it also protect from cavity, enamel erosion, decay. We should also take care that we should not swallow the toothpaste as the fluoride is toxic in nature.
Everyone should choose the toothpaste that meet their individual requirements like if a person is suffering from sensitivity they should choose Desensitizing toothpaste if you have a lot of tartar build-up then should choose Tartar Control Toothpaste like wise there are many different types of toothpaste are there these are: Whitening ToothpasteFluoride ToothpasteGum Health ToothpasteSmokers’ ToothpasteBaking Soda ToothpasteFavorite FlavorOrganic Toothpaste

Things to be Avoided While Buying Toot…
STOP brushing your teeth with a heavy hand                                                                                                                      
Sometimes when people realize they are not taking care of their teeth they start damaging their teeth more they will be hard on their teeth while brushing and will brush their teeth for longer time. Without realizing that this can damage their teeth even more. This will be damaging their teeth as well as gum.
Brushing too hard can cause: Receding gumsBone loss around teethLoss of teethTooth sensitivityWorn down enamel
Tooth Sensitivity:
Tooth sensitivity or dentin hypersensitivity is a pain or discomfort in the teeth while they encounter hot or cold temperature. It may be temporary and can affect only one tooth and it can also affect you all the teeth in an individual. This can be cured with an easy treated by changing your oral Hygiene routine.
Cause for sensitive tooth: brushing your teeth too hardusing a hard toothbrushgrinding …

Is your bed tea safe for your teeth??

Tea and Teeth

Your smile is that feature which people notice about you and the things you eat, and drink can affect your teeth and that will ultimately affect your smile. Poor diet can erode your teeth, due to which the teeth become stained and can also damage. In this blog we will see how it will affect our teeth.
Staining: One of the basic loss of drinking tea is it stains our teeth. Due to the presence of Tannic acid in tea presence of this acid makes the tea dark. If you have damaged teeth i.e., if you have grooves and pits in the teeth tannic acid can get settled in those grooves, that can cause staining after some time. Drinking water after tea using straw our wipe your teeth can lower the rate of staining.
Erosion Due to the presence of sugar content dental erosion takes place. When we drink tea, our teeth immersed in the sugar which encourage cavities and erosion. From a survey we get to know that from canned and bottled ice tea can damage your teeth enamel permanently which will l…

Mastication: Oral Health Meet 2018

Masticationor chewing is the procedure by which sustenance is pounded and ground by teeth. It is the initial step of absorption and it builds the surface zone of sustenance to permit more productive separate by proteins.
During the Mastication procedure, the sustenance is situated between the teeth for crushing by the cheek and tongue. As biting proceeds with, the nourishment is made gentler and hotter, and the compounds in salivation start to separate sugars in the sustenance.
After chewing, the sustenance which is currently called a bolus is gulped. It enters the throat and by means of peristalsis proceeds to the stomach, where the following stage of absorption happens.
Pre- Mastication is at times performed by human guardians for youthful new-born children who can't do as such for themselves. The nourishment is chewed in the mouth of the parent into a bolus and afterward exchanged to the new-born child for utilization.
It is believed that input from proprioceptive ne…

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry
Lots of people are afraid about going to the dentist for treatment which results, they prefer not to have treatment this is called as dental phobia. Sedation dentistry is used to provide a calm, smooth and anxiety-free experience for some people getting dental treatment. Sedation dentistry is also referred as sleep dentistry it involves some medicine which help the patients calm and relax during their treatment. Patients are normally conscious apart from the individuals who are under general anaesthesia.
The levels of sedation used: Minimal Sedation: In this sedation patient will be awake but relaxedModerate sedation: Patient may slur their words while speaking but they will not remember the process.Deep Sedation: In this case the patient will on the edge of consciousness but can awake.General anaesthesia: In this case the patient will be unconscious.

Types of Sedation Are Used in Dentistry:
Inhaled minimal sedation: In this type of sedation patient are given nitrous …

Dental Pulp Disease

Dental Pulp Disease

Pulp is delicate tissue found in the focal point of your tooth, and it contains delegate nerves and sensitive veins that will begin responding when somebody will ignore their oral health Pulp is the foundation of the tooth that makes a beautiful smile, Just like any other part, the pulp is weak to injury and infection, including different diseases. It’s possible to avoid dental pulp diseases by waiting for the symptoms of trouble with enamel but if the problem is left untreated it will also spread to the pulp.

Reversible Pulpitis
Pulpitis is fundamental infection of the dental pulp that makes itself known through slight to modest irritation. If sweet, hot, or cold food and drink items cause your teeth to hurt or send a shooting pain through your mouth, it’s probably pulpitis. A simple filling should resolve the issue.
Irreversible Pulpitis
If reversible pulpitis doesn’t receive dental attention, it will evolve into an irreversible form recognized by severe swelling…